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Piper Peters Aheron (pronounced A-hair-on) is from the noisy, creative communication industries. She's written copy for businesses, ad agencies and public relations firms including songs and jingles. She's worked in television and in radio. She's also held staff positions in public schools, appeared as an extra in Hollywood movies, and she's served in the U.S. Congress. She's always searching for the next adventure in literature or reality.

Presently, Piper is the author of 7 non-fictions. Her research and writings appear in several hardcover compilations including North Carolina: Unforgettable Vintage Images of the Tar Heel State (Arcadia. ISBN 0-7385-0749-0) and The South Carolina Encyclopedia (University of South Carolina Press. ISBN 978-1-57003-598-2) edited by Walter Edgar (a project of the SC Humanities Council). She continues to write and create from her office near Charlotte, NC.

She's a poor gardener, an award-winning artist, a wanna-be photographer, a has-been dancer, a tedious researcher, and an entertaining lecturer. Some of her more popular book projects include the following:

From Avalon to Eden: A Postcard Tour of Rockingham County, NC (Arcadia. ISBN 0-7524-0824-0)

Images of America: Oconee County, SC (Arcadia. ISBN 0-7524-0895-X)

Images of America: Pickens County, SC (Arcadia. ISBN 0-7385-0606-0)

Images of America: Greenville, SC (First Print 1999. Arcadia.
ISBN 0-7385-0144-1. Second Print 2003. Arcadia. ISBN 0-7385-1550-7)

Images of America: Gastonia and Gaston County, NC (Arcadia. 0-7385-0673-7)

The College History Series: Clinton Junior College (Historic African-American Colleges.)(Arcadia. ISBN 0-7385-1729-1)

Piper continues to write and work on several projects with availability to be announced in the future.