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Piper Aheron's first published book is still in print and available through Arcadia Publishing.

From Avalon to Eden: A Postcard Tour of Rockingham County, NC (Arcadia. ISBN 0-7524-0824-0) relates the travels of early 20th century postcard photographers through the hilly lands rimmed by the Mayo River and Dan River. One photographer even documented the tragic burning of Avalon Mills, and in an era with few news reels, the film negatives tell-all about the struggles of towns people to relocate houses, homes and businesses from one village to another textile city.

Images of America: Oconee County, SC

If you’ve read Ron Rash’s novel One Foot In Eden (Henry Holt) or James Dickey’s classic Deliverance, then you’ll probably enjoy the true story about Oconee County’s development from 1868 to 1968.


Images of America: Greenville, SC

For people of all ages, this book makes a great study companion for Dorthy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina and Benny Lee Sinclair’s The Lynching. It includes info about baseball legend "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, activist Jesse Jackson and scientist Albert Einstein.


Images of America: Gastonia and Gaston County, NC

If you’ve read the novel Congregation of the Dead by Belmont resident Max Childers, then check out this compilation that includes the history of Christmas Town USA (McAdenville) and the Catawba/South Fork rivers.